Lighting the Path Before Us: Values

As we continue to build our spiritual muscles in this season of uncertainty, today we go back to basics: knowing our values. Right now how we perform daily tasks (remember your mask), how we live together as a nation and more are in flux, but our values can ground us and guide us in the path ahead.

Our central values are a lantern for the path ahead. The light of values especially helps when we cannot see the next step clearly.

For the week ahead, I invite us to undertake a variation on an exercise in identifying our values which Brene Brown offers in her Daring Way curriculum[1].
  • First, either draw or picture in your head a lantern. (I like drawing.)
  • Second, consider the flame. The flame of the lantern represents one or two values central to our being. This is individual. We each hold many values, but a few are central.
  • For example, my core values are courage and hospitality. When I do not live up to these I feel a loss and disappointment in myself. When others act contrary to these values, it hurts and sometimes I am angry.
  • Third, write two values on the flame of your lantern.
  • Fourth, consider two to three people or activities which protect your values in the way the glass cover of the flame protects the flame from wind.
  • A regular prayer time and the watchful eye of my spouse keep me grounded.
  • Fifth, write an action and/or person who helps you live your values on the glass surrounding your flame.
  • Sixth, consider how you feel or act when you are not living into your values, as with the anger and disappointment I mention above. What are warning signs? Snapping at someone is a strong sign to me to return to the flame.
  • Seventh, write these warning signs as the handle of your lantern.
  • Eighth repeat or review as needed.
Let us pray or sing, “I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light,”
recalling the source of the flame and our values.
I want to walk as a child of the light
I want to follow Jesus
God sent the stars to give light to the world
The star of my life is Jesus
In Him, there is no darkness at all
The night and the day are both alike
The Lamb is the light of the city of God
Shine in my heart, Lord Jesus[1]
With every blessing,

Mother Elizabeth
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