Important Notices

In-Person Worship Services

Due to rising cases of COVID-19 in Broome County and the Binghamton area we are currently delaying a return to in-person worship services. We will continue with virtual worship. Worship Team meets November 4th at 4:30 p.m. After this meeting we will publish a schedule through the end of the year.

Bible Study

In addition, all in-person Bible Study meetings will be postponed until further notice and will be only via Zoom until further notice. We will continue to provide Virtual Worship and Pastoral Services.

All Hallows Eve Service

Thank you to all those who volunteered their time and talents in order to record the All Hallows Eve service. We appreciate all your efforts during this time of online worship. If you missed the service you can view it at any time here.

Novena for the Election

A novena is a nine day period of private or public prayer. With the outcome still uncertain, our “Novena for the 2020 Election” is more needed that ever. Please click here to start the series of prayers from Day 1. To see the full list of posts in the series, click the box at the top of the prayer.

Sunday School at 10:00 a.m.

To receive the Zoom link for classes please confirm your attendance here.

If you have any questions or would like to register your child please contact Mother Elizabeth.

Worship Information

Holy Eucharist

Join us as we celebrate the Holy Eucharist on the twentieth Sunday after Pentecost. The Sunday Worship Service will be uploaded to the YouTube channel by 12 a.m. Sunday morning.

Last Week's Bulletin & Service

This Week's Bulletin
(This week's bulletin will be available by 2:30 p.m. on Friday at this link)

Compline and Conversations on Race

Join us each Wednesday from 6:30-7:30 p.m. via Zoom for Compline and Conversation on Race. This is a special time to anchor our midweek with prayer and to explore together the stories, history and questions of race in our country.

Join Us

Volunteer Schedules

Reading Schedule

November 8: P. Dutra

November 15: M. Quinn

November 22: J. Ehmke

November 29: S. Bowlby

December 6: L. Trevarthan

December 13: D. Crocker

December 20: P. Dutra

CHOW Pantry

CHOW at Christ Church welcomes donations of toiletries (full-size bottles of shampoo, lotions, etc), toothpaste and toothbrushes, toilet paper, diapers, and female products.

Donations via PayPal or check are welcome, too.

Connie, our parishioner who worked closely with CHOW is now battling cancer. In place of meals for her and her family, she has requests donations for CHOW.

Prayers & Prayer List


A Prayer to honor Indigenous Peoples Month

Let me not look away, O God, from any truth I should see. Even if it is difficult, let me face the reality in which I live. I do not want to live inside a cosseted dream, imagining I am the one who is always right, or believing only what I want to hear. Help me to see the world through other eyes, to listen to voices distant and different, to educate myself to the feelings of those with whom I think I have nothing in common. Break the shell of my indifference. Draw me out of my prejudices and show me your wide variety. Let me not look away. Amen

Prayer List

We ask that our parishioners pray for Alli, Anne, Bob, Carolyn, Connor, George, Sharon, Rose, Millie, Joell, Mario, Connie, Scott, and Kristina.

Pledges & Donations

Pledges and other donations can be mailed to the church. If you do not have envelopes, we will use the name on your check. You can also use bill pay option from your bank, set up a bank transfer, or donate using our PayPal.

Under the new CARES Act up to $300 of your donation to a church is tax deductible even if you do not itemize deductions.

A Word From Your Senior Warden


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Road Trip: Gather, Learn, Pray, Eat
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Mary Magdalene - Spiritual Leader

Mary Magdalene - Spiritual Leader
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Despite the changes around us we are a Church and a community that stands together in faith despite adversity. We feel fortunate to have each other during these difficult and uncertain times.
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