We will hold our annual meeting on Sunday, January 17, 2021, opening at 10:00 am with our worship service. The meeting and the worship service will be on Zoom, with options to vote electronically or by mail. We had attempted to postpone the meeting to a time when it would be safe to gather in-person as we have always done, but were told by the Diocese that we were legally required to have the meeting.

Kevin Shea, Marianne, Maryse, and Barb have all agreed to run again for Vestry. Kevin has agreed to run again for Warden.

In addition to voting for Warden and Vestry member, the congregation will be voting to change the date of the annual meeting from the third Sunday in January to the second Sunday in June.

The week prior to the annual meeting, ballots to vote for Vestry members and Warden and to change the date of the annual meeting will be emailed, and mailed to those to whom we are not able to email. If you intend to vote via email or mail, please sign and date the ballots, and email or mail them to the Church Office at 11:15 am or after on January 17 when we “meet” for the annual meeting. We will keep the polls open until Monday, January 25 to allow any mail-in ballots to be received. To return the completed ballots via email, please use the following email address: The results of the voting will be announced in the Heads Up sent later that week.

Prior to the worship service and annual meeting, the necessary information will be sent in order to join the worship service and the meeting via Zoom or by phone.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we try to navigate through uncharted waters. If there any questions regarding the meeting or any other matters, please contact Mother Elizabeth or the Wardens and we’ll do our best to try to answer them.

Mother Elizabeth
Ed Sarzynski, Senior Warden
Kevin Shea, Junior Warden
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