Our Interim Rector

The Rev. Dr. Katrina Grusell became Interim Priest in September of 2022 as the parish reflects on its mission and identity, creating a profile of Christ Episcopal Church. Mother Katrina brings with her a broad range of experience and the necessary skill set to support and guide us during this transitional period following the ministry and leadership of Mother Elizabeth Ewing who completed her ministry at Christ Church on July 31, 2022.

From Ellicott City in Maryland, Mother Katrina’s leadership is grounded in worship, scripture, and intentional relationship as we proclaim Christ’s love in Word and action.

Experienced in all size congregations, Mother Katrina facilitates teamwork that identifies & supports common goals. She fosters the creation of sacred spaces that assist individuals to mutually understand differing perspectives and focuses on wellness in systems to build on strengths.

As Administrator/Associate for Pastoral Care, John’s Episcopal Church, Ellicott City, Maryland; 2017-2022, Mother Katrina rejuvenated pastoral care programs. She designed structure to support comprehensive pastoral care for a resource size congregation; recruited, trained, & encouraged leadership and nurtured community partnerships. She is a liturgical leader, preacher, pastor & spiritual guide.

Mother Katrina is married to David with two children and two grandsons, enjoys Pilates, hiking, yoga, watching basketball and movies.

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