About Us

Our Rector, Staff, Ministries and congregation are diverse
and bring a rich variety of life experience.

Come And See. Explore, Be Nourished
And Know God Loves You Deeply.

In the heart of downtown Binghamton, Christ Church reaches out to the community via CHOW® food pantry, Katie’s Clothing Closet, concerts and green space for all comers. We have a long track record as the oldest church in Binghamton and we continue as a vibrant congregation of all ages, races, and economic levels. We welcome seekers and companions on the journey of faith to the fullness of life. Here you will find others who seek the face of God, who wrestle with living the values of loving God and neighbor in a world which often does not. Here one always is welcome; no one is perfect. We care for one another, for the stranger and honor the dignity of every human being.

At Christ Church you can enter the awe of worship in a place which has been prayed in for centuries.  Yes, the majestic, historic building provides beautiful architecture and enhances the worship experience.  It is the people from toddlers to nonegenerians – all participating with joy and wonder that makes our worship a special offering of praise and thanksgiving and nourishes us to go out and care for all God’s creation.

Our parish, like most urban congregations, is diverse in as many ways as you can imagine. We revel in the multi-generations at Christ Church.  Our greatest growth has been families with school age children, many of whom attend our weekly Sunday School. Baptisms include children whose grandparents were also baptized at Christ Church, as well as youngsters who are newcomers to the Christian faith.  

We welcome members old and new who are retired and those who are just starting out in life.  Each year sees many weddings and most couples remain in our community.   

 Here we seek GOD and nurture relationship with us.  We grow into the difference God the Trinity makes in our lives, and how we fulfill Jesus’s command to “Love one another as I have loved you.”

 We feel truly blessed that our congregation is diverse, and brings a rich variety of life experience. This blessing of diversity affects our prayer life as well as our outreach. People come from all around the county to be part of this community and its worship!

Rector and Staff


Rev. Elizabeth Ewing



Rev. Jim Jones

Parish Priest


Desireé Keys

Office Administrator

Nancy McGorry



Bill Snyder


Paul Cienniwa


DSC_0292 (2)

William Lawson

Director of Canterbury Choir and Choristers


Kevin Shea

Senior Warden


Ed Sarzynski

Junior Warden

Mark Smith


Rick Pescatore


Marianne McCormick

Jim Davidson

Diane Button

Barb Stanton

Leah Cunningham

Stacey Gould

Maryse Quinn

What do we believe?

Ministry Teams

Christ Church has Ministry Teams – not committees, commissions, etc. – that carry out God’s work in our parish, the local community and beyond


The vestry is the legal representative of the parish with regard to all matters pertaining to its corporate property. Vestry members are usually elected at the annual parish meeting.

Lay Ministry

Responsible for outreach programs, the Lay Ministry is responsible for: 
  • CHOW® Food Pantry
  • Katie’s Clothing Closet
  • Canteen at Trinity Church- Feeding Those in Need


The fellowship ministry is a vital part of Christ Church, extending hospitality through beverages, snacks, and meals to encourage fellowship


The Stewardship Ministry encourages our church family to become grateful, responsible stewards of all the gifts we receive from God.


The youth of our church participate in many activities throughout the year to enhance their Christian education and formation, from performing the annual Christmas pageant, assisting at parish events, doing community outreach and more.

St. Margaret’s Altar Guild

The dedicated people of St. Margaret’s Altar Guild serve God in His church by preparing the altar for worship services and occasions such as weddings, funerals, and baptisms. 

Comfort Food

This ministry provides meals to parishioners when they are in need due to a variety of life issues or illness. When a need arises, the chair contacts a member of the ministry, who then contacts the parishioner – offering to prepare and deliver a tasty meal.


The Welcome Ministry makes parishioners, newcomers, and visitors feel welcome at Christ Church through its activities, which include actively and warmly greeting people and offering assistance, maintaining a welcome table and pew cards, providing welcome bags and more.


The dedicated team members of the Historical Ministry serve as stewards of the rich history of Christ Church. The Historical Ministry documents and preserves historical information about the church, conducts tours, participates in the Preservation Association of the Southern Tier (PAST) Open House events and more.

Chimer’s Guild

The Chimer’s Guild plays the bells for each Sunday service, as well as funerals and special days such as Veterans Day and 9/11.
Beginning chimers are welcomed! We would be happy to show you how the bells are played and give you instruction. 


The Property Ministry is responsible for ensuring that our beautiful historical buildings are properly maintained. In the past few years, we have upgraded the heating system, replaced the back exterior door, replaced the Great Hall windows, installed a new security and fire alarm system, and installed new EMS lights in hallways.

St. Fiacre’s Gardening Guild

St. Fiacre’s Gardening Guild meets from April through November to ensure maintenance of the beautiful grounds surrounding the church and Great Hall. Planting, pruning, trimming, and weeding keep members busy from spring through fall – and they have a fun time doing it! 


The Worship Team meets with clergy on a regular basis to plan and coordinate the various aspects of worship services. They elicit and communicate feedback from the congregation. Representatives from the Choir, Altar Guild, Eucharistic Ministers, Readers, and members of the congregation participate and offer any necessary assistance to the clergy.

Acolytes/St. Vincents Guild

“Acolyte” means an attendant or follower. Acolytes assist the celebrant (the priest in charge of a worship service) and enhance the worship service to help glorify God – and as such, they are ministers of the church. Acolytes help to get the church ready for worship e.g., lighting candles and perform their assigned responsibilities as crucifer and torch bearers etc.

Eucharistic Ministers and Readers

With guidance from God and love for one another, Eucharistic ministers and readers serve with care at regularly-scheduled services and special occasions, such as funerals and holidays. 


The Finance Team works closely with the bookkeeper and treasurers and includes other interested members of the Parish and Vestry. Finance reviews Christ Church’s overall financial situation looking closely at all income sources, including investments, and helps all ministry teams develop budgets, keeping an eye on expenditures.

Christian Education

The Christian Education team focuses on Sunday School for ages toddler – 5th grade, youth programming, and adult education.  Our children enjoy learning Bible stories, prayers of the Church, and church life, such as baptism and preparation for Holy Eucharist.  Children enjoy Sunday School a lot, and the number of children continues to grow. 

What does worship look like?