Answering the Call

The Diocesean Commission on Ministry is a group of people who help others discern God’s call, especially in those cases where God’s call might lead towards ordination.  Like a caterpillar that becomes a butterfly, the lay person goes through several distinct stages on their way towards ordination.

Today, God’s call is to a diverse set of people who may be in a variety of life stages. The Commission on Ministry attempts to balance the expectations of future parishes who might hire an ordained person with the reality of the called person’s life circumstances.  Some flexibility may be gained by on-line learning, weekend classes, parishes that help pay for tuition, and other learning options that make it possible for mature people to go through the process.

Some individuals are called, and others feel called.  Either way, a group of people, called Discernment Circles, gather to aid the person in discerning what it is that God is calling them to do.  Discernment Circles are ideally composed of people from multiple parishes in order to get the most objective understanding as possible.

It is possible that someone from our area might have need for a group of friends to help guide them to where God is calling.    Each participant gains insight about their own faith as well as the faith of others who join the circle.  When the need arises, I pray you will consider joining in.

– John Endress

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