Choose life

Ah, the first full week of 2021 starts today. How are you feeling at the start of a new year? Excited? a little anxious in hoping this year will be better? However you feel, and, if you are like me, your feelings are not straightforward, I offer you a wonderful perspective from Mtr Clair, an Episcopal priest and dear colleague/mentor of mine based in Austria.

What would happen if we allowed ourselves to put worry, doubt and fear aside for 2021 and only let love, laughter, and giving in? 
 That is actually really easy, for if we let only love in, laughter and generosity naturally follow. The bright side of life would be our guide. Positive thoughts and moments of delight and joy will fill our days. 
 The challenge is to balance what is happening in the world and to choose between worry, doubt, and fear or love, laughter, and generosity. 

My heart is going for the latter three. Choose life. Choose love, laughter and generosity.

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