Community Starts at Church and Fans Out

In this season of thanksgiving, it is a good time to reflect on what Christ Church means to us, and to explore again how we are good stewards of this space.   I invited church members to share their thoughts (see below).  Please be alert, too, for a letter to you with another beautiful reflection from a parish family.

From Leah Cunningham, Vestry member, Sunday school teacher, follower of Jesus:

I have been a member at Christ Church for many years.  Throughout this time, the church has gone from being welcoming to being an extension of my (Christian) family.  One of the things I like about Christ Church is that I think it has a wonderful blend of having a caring and genuine spiritual leader in Mother Elizabeth, with a caring, friendly, and compassionate congregation.  Between the Sunday services or Sunday school with my son, I am able to continue my spiritual growth. The services may look different because of social distancing, but the sentiment and spiritual connection is still there. 

The history and aesthetics of the church itself are noteworthy.  As one drives by the church, one can appreciate the church’s physical presence.  Given its location, one can also identity it as a true literal and figurative cornerstone in downtown Binghamton.  

Especially In these challenging and tough times, I think it is even more important for us to come together as a community.  The community starts in our church, and then fans out – at the very least,  across the city.  Many people all over are feeling overwhelmed, alone, afraid.  It is our duty as Christians to help those in time of need.  How do we help? God gives us “talents” that come in many forms, including – but not limited to – time, prayer, fellowship, and offering. 

The Bible speaks of using our talents and not hiding them.  Giving of our time and talents within the church helps make our church community stronger and more united.  We can then be a beacon for the rest of the city, with our light shining brightly to help others. 

I am glad to be part of the Christ Church community to help in any way I can. Stewardship has strengthened my relationship with God, my fellowship at Christ Church, and my outreach to the community.

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