Cultivating the Kingdom of God Within

This week I wrestle further with the concept of pruning and its purpose.  I hang to to parts of me I’d rather keep, such as my sense of any control over the trajectory of my life, and even my own worries about me and those I love.   In the midst of my pondering came a quote that seems to be out there, though it was unfamiliar to me. 

The one who has the Kingdom of God within will imperceptibly pass it on to others.  People will be attracted by the peace and the warmth within us, and the atmosphere of heaven gradually will pass on to them.   It is not even necessary to speak to people about this.  The atmosphere of heaven will radiate from us even when we keep silence or talk about ordinary things.

Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica

Pruning and cultivation is to bring about good and abundant fruit.  Consider that fruit to include the Kingdom of God within.   We trust in this Kingdom and in the peace, warmth and joy it brings to every situation from ordinary, to joyous to deeply painful or scary.  Importantly, the fruit carries over to nurture others and to draw them to the Kingdom.   It is not so much about preparing us for heaven after our mortal life here ends and transitions.   It is about living into heaven here and now as our will becomes God’s will, as our heart becomes Christ’s heart.  

May we each welcome this, though as we know even Jesus asked for the cup to be removed but affirmed he would follow God’s will even to death.   

When we abide in Jesus and Jesus in us and God in all, we have the Kingdom of God within.   May it be so. 

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