Recovery Month Worship Service

Recovery Month Worship Service

National Recovery Month is observed every September to honor all those working on or sustaining their recovery from substance use disorders and mental health diagnoses. It takes community to heal and support the courageous individuals who are on this path. We also honor family members, health care professionals, and community leaders who are helping to transform lives. The theme this year is “Recovery is for Everyone: Every person. Every Family. Every Community.”

This year our Diocese will once again hold a Recovery Worship Service of prayers and thanksgivings. The Rev. Deacon Kay Drebert and Bishop DeDe Duncan-Probe invite you to join them on Sunday, September 26th at 6:00 p.m. either via Zoom or in person at Christ Episcopal Church in Binghamton, NY.

If you plan on attending please REGISTER so we can keep you updated. We welcome you to participate in this service through sharing prayers, or your offerings of poetry and music. Contact Deacon Kay at or indicate your willingness to help on the registration form. We will also be remembering those who have lost their lives in a litany of remembrance. If you would like to have your loved one included in this remembrance you may submit the first name and the first letter of their name to via the registration form.

Recovery is for everyone. Recovery is for the church.

The event is finished.

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