God Dreams

 Christ Church Vestry Retreat March 20, 2021
 For the church
 --Find the funding to repair the steeple and the cross.
 --Provide a welcoming bench; create a safe and comfortable place to assist “wanderers” with resources, and to find peace and a sense of belonging.
 --Lead a racial reconciliation pilgrimage in our community or diocese by visiting historical sights
 --Combine local Episcopal resources; spend more on needs than buildings; act collaboratively rather than in isolations
 --Fill our churches again; make church a higher priority than sports or entertainment. 
 For our community
 --Transitional housing for those recently discharged from incarceration
 --Housing and good medical care for veterans
-- Programming to lift at-risk youth out of poverty 
 For our country
 --Make technology simple and attainable so all people can feel connected.  At the same time, return to looking out for our neighbors
 --Citizens take in the immigrant children detained at the border. 
 For Our World
 --Eradicate Cancer
 --A Clean Planet: Restored, Healthy, Sustainable Energy 

Please hold these God dreams from your Vestry in your hearts and prayers.   Please allow your own God dreams to bubble up.  Do not worry about resources or the possibility of failure.   Please share these with us all. 

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  1. […] At its March retreat, our Vestry shared dreams God has put on their hearts, dreams that inspired and challenged and made me at least know in my bones the Spirit is moving and acting at Christ Church.  https://www.christepiscopalbing.com/god-dreams/ […]

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