God the Promise keeper

In these unsettling times, trusting in God as our refuge, strength, redeemer and promise keeper keeps us centered on life rather than despair.  We live with hope and joy even in the face of suffering. 

Here is my list of promises which I trust God to keep:

God is active each day and each moment in God’s creation.  

We are in this together: God, you and me.  God is present and invites us to join in the ongoing work of life and creating.

God is an indestructible energy of love even in the face of destruction.

A statue of the Hindu god Shiva comes into my meditation with the combination of destroyer, particularly of evil, and creation, protection and transformation.  Destruction is part of the world around us and through it all, God keeps the fiery energy of new life. 

Jesus’s path through death to new life embodies the transformation possible in each of us and shows the everlasting strength of God’s love.

A remnant is all God needs.  

God’s power of love can come forth through a small community.  Only a few remained gathered after Jesus’s death on the cross, but that few who prayed and trusted when all seemed lost received the Holy Spirit and took the Good News of love and deliverance around the world.

God is near, God is here.

God is transcendent, beyond, above, overall.  God, too, is immanent, within each one of us.  Though we may feel God is absent, gone, God is right there even in this feeling of absence.

Going forth, let us recall the rainbow and God’s promise to keeping working with and through humanity in drawing all creation together.   

May we each day, see the rainbow outside ourselves and within and trust in the indestructible energy of love.   

May we know through this love especially manifested in Jesus Christ that we need not ever fear.   We are free to live fully, to love deeply, and to find peace and joy even in unsettling times. 

With every blessing, 

Mother Elizabeth

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