Litany of Remembrance and Hope

We lift our voices with our neighbors, including people across this land and the world, offering prayers and words of remembrance, healing, and hope.  

We have learned new ways to connect online and at a distance through which we came to appreciate each other all the more.  May we go forth to see and be kind to one another more fully each day.

Loving One, give us hope.

We have witnessed the selfless giving of medical personnel and all workers who help support others with food, clothing and shelter.  May we go forth to express love and compassion for one another each day.

Compassionate One, give us hope.

We have wept for those we have lost, for those we could not hug, for life events not fully celebrated.  Through grief and mourning, may we go forth to provide comfort and support to one another each day.

Merciful One, give us hope.

 We have learned more about the history of all peoples in this land as voices awakened and finally began to be heard this year.  We celebrate young people and the new generation of leaders that they may be freed from prejudice and work to heal and bind our nation.  May we go forth united in love to honor the diversity of races and cultures here and around the world.

 All-encompassing One, give us hope.

We people of faith and people of caring hearts have worked to serve as a beacon of justice, hope, and love to a suffering world.  May we go forth reflecting the hope of our faith in our lives each day. 

 Most Loving God, give us hope.

Concluding Collect

Hear us, O God. Heal, restore, and give us hope. Fill us with your peace. In all things remind us of your love, and the web of love through which we all are bound together. Amen.

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