Preparing for the Magi

  1. Merry Christmas
  2. Blessed Feast of St. Stephen
  3. The Gift of Lessons and Carols
  4. Finding One’s Spark
  5. Humor Adds Perspective
  6. The Ritual of Oranges
  7. Blessings in Shedding and Renewal
  8. New Year in Christmastide
  9. Preparing for the Magi
  10. Remembering Mary
  11. Choose life
  12. In the Silence

On the ninth day of Christmas let us return to the manger scene. Perhaps yours already has the wise men arriving or perhaps you wait until January 6 but have placed the wise men a little further on their journey. May we today take time to ponder our own preparation to encounter the Christ child and open our hearts to Love Incarnate, enfleshed in humanity.

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