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This week I offer you something different. As we approach the official start of summer it is easy to see the natural world bursting forth around us. In the midst of this I invite us all to visio divina, the practice of seeing with our hearts and bodies as we look at an image. In silence may each catch a glimpse of the sacred and God speaking to us. The image I chose is not a usual one for church or even for nature photos, but may you stop, look and be present to it during the course of the week ahead. I welcome hearing your thoughts and reflections on the experience.

To guide you, here are instructions taken from Centering Prayer for Everyone.

As you gaze at the image, notice your breath and your body. 

Simply be present to the image and allow it to speak to your heart, without any particular agenda. It might speak to you in words or wordlessly. 

How do you feel looking at the image? 

If you had to describe the image in a sentence or two silently to yourself, what would you say? 

If you were in the image, where would you place yourself ? 

Do you get a glimpse of the sacred from this image? Is God speaking to you in this image?

Does a name for God arise for you from this image? In silence, sit with what you have received. 

If you choose, share aloud a word or phrase to express your experience of the image.

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